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19-10-2023 19,426

Big Merge October 2023

Dear Captain !

Recently, Pirate King 9999 has some good reports about the combine server in order. Captains can have more allies in the Grand Line

Pirate King 9999 would like to inform all Captains the details of server merge in October 2023. And here are those: 

I. Time:

1.Maintenance time: 00:00 October 22, 2023 to 03:30 October 22, 2023. (Time may change depending on implementation) 

2. Influence: Players can not login and join the game ( only affect with severs merge, other servers can work normally)

3. List of servers merge

9S75 -> S77


II. Data exchange rules:

1. After exchange datas, ID login would not be changed, players can regist and login to each servers

2. With account has many characters, after merging the server if players login any servers you will play that server's character

3. If 2 server have 2 player have the same name, ID server will be added after his name

For example: Player "Luffy" on server 1 and player "Luffy" on server 2, after merging Player on server 1 will see Player on server 2 and his name will be "Luffy.s2"

4. Guild's name work like above

5. Cancel training for traning crews

6. All arena ranks will be emty

7. Event list will be reseted

8. All battle results will be deleted

9. Keeping the first server World Boss level

10. All gifts in gift house will be deleted

11. All mails will be deleted

12. Craftman in production will reset like server 1

13. All items you sell in Shop will be deleted

14. Mine status will be reseted


III. Rules for deleting characters when combined servers

- Characters would be deleted if you did not meet the requirements below

1. Character's level is lower than 125

2. No top-up history in the last 60 days

3. Haven't login the last 60 days 

4. Players don't have guild a.k.a guild has only that person

IV. Rules of keeping character when combined servers

- Characters wouldn't be deleted if they met 2/3 requirements below

1. Character's level is higher than 125

2. Have top-up history in last 60 days

3. Login for the last 60 days

=> The system will base on which character achieves 2 or more requirements to keep that character

V. Compensation, server connection support:



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