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Wanted to know which server have the strongest pirates ? Heres What you all hoping for !!


-Maximum devil tree accumulative points can donate every day is: 100,000,000 points/ per day

-Players of level 60 and above can join activity.

-To ensure the accuracy of your data security and rankings, please click refresh after each contribution ranking to view the latest rankings


Icon ingame:

ETiVWJs.jpg (55×54)

Event period: 10:00 am January 01 -> 10:00 pm January 07

Groups 1: S1 -> S43

Groups 2: S44 -> S60

Piece devil fruit after the blood system line, the game added a lot of original devil fruit, many of which are owned or strong devil fruit or interesting capabilities.



2, Devil fruit tree activities regularly organized inter-service activities during the event players can call a different way to get donations contribution.

Finally one day be at the event were ranked based on individual settlement with the union rank and finally rewarded by email.

3, the cumulative contribution of contributions obtained can be exchanged for the corresponding items in the devil fruit shop.

4, a day after 22:00 can not donate, the last day of activities throughout the day can not donate.

5, Devil Fruit tree level 15 minutes to refresh, you can see the latest tree level. Guild Ranking 30 minutes to refresh. (VIP privileges better, shorter refresh CD)


jT1oCRP.jpg (681×487)


Players can contribute their articles to get the backpack contribution value.

Donated items: The items donated to the devil fruit trees can be active contribution value.

Watering: Donate Berry.

Fertilization: Donate gold.


Cumulative contribution (not empty): Players cumulative contribution of individuals, is a historical cumulative (not cleared).
- Players donate items to the devil fruit trees (equipment, fish, big horn, ore, etc.), watering, fertilizing will get contribution.
- The contribution of players available in the devil fruit store exchange items.

Round contribution (emptied): the contribution of the player and the guild round. The more the contribution of more high ranking round, after a round will be emptied.
Growth Value: Value devil fruit tree growing, with round total contribution of all players are equal, the higher the growth value, the higher the level of the tree, the better the reward will be.

Personal rank: Ranked according to the degree of each person sharing the round. A player's individual Consume Devil Trees score must be at least 5 million points or more to be included in the CAM category and eligible for the TOP Individual Award.

Guild Rank: Eradicate gross contribution before each guild's 30 current players are ranked the final award, grants full guild players have more than 5 million "Guild accumulative points" get guild awards
-Association membership contribution of less than 7 days of the players will not be included guild contribution ranking.

Players must participate in this event's Devil Tree donation at least once.


VIP, the higher limit Berry donated day.

Awards: Views In game

The higher the Devil's Tree lvl, the better the individual Rank rewards. Players who receive a Accumulation of Devotion can redeem items in the Devil's Shop.

individual reward (illustration images)


Guild reward (illustration images)


Hi cumulative contribution of players get items can be exchanged in a devil fruit shop.


Fruit and equipment:

- Players can equip and remove the panel in partnership devil fruit, remove or Berry will spend some coins, partners can not remove built.

Fruit Upgrade:

- If you want to upgrade to the devil fruit, you can open the reinforced panels - fruit fruit upgrade option to upgrade, upgrade with gems like the original.

- Drag the fruit to the need to upgrade the fruit can make the fruit needs to be upgraded to gain experience.

- Fruit will be a key to integration backpack rapid integration with all other fruits in selected poor quality fruit to the selected fruits.




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