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YaHDJgY.png (30×30) Event Period: 10:00 June 23 – 23:59 July 02

YaHDJgY.png (30×30) Servers participating in this Pirate Team WarAll Server (S1 - S98)

YaHDJgY.png (30×30) List of Trial Team Battle Groups:

Group 1: S1 -> S86

Group 2: S87 -> S98


YaHDJgY.png (30×30) Pirate Team War is divided into 2 phases:

  • Point accumulation phase.
  • Inner circle phase.

YaHDJgY.png (30×30)​ The points round will select the Top 16. Teams entering the round of 16 can participate in the Inner round stage. 

Registration period10:00 June 23 - 10:00 June 25

Point accumulation period10:00 June 25 - 22:00 June 28

Point accumulation round reward time10:00 p.m. June 28

Break time22:00 June 28 - 19:30 June 29

Inner stage: 19:30 June 29 - 22:00 July 02

16 choose 819:30 June 29 – 22:00 June 29

8 choose 419:30 June 30 – 22:00 June 30

4 choose 219:30 July 01– 22:00 July 01

2 choose 119:30 July 02 – 22:00 July 02

Prize distribution time22:00 July 02

Characters reaching level 70 can participate in Pirate battles, players on the same server can team up. 3 people form a team.

*Combat rules: In the point accumulation phase, each member brings two different teammates to battle (the main character may be the same) to form a fighting squad, competing with other teams; In the round phase, 3 members take turns using their 5-person squad to fight the enemy's combat squad of 3 members.

*Combat information: Data related to the player and combat are related data that affect the player's strength and weakness while fighting such as teammates, pets, equipment, formations, gems, crystal table….

*Update combat information: To ensure that the data of the Pirate Combat System saved by the server is the player's latest combat information data, after each time the player changes the combat information, it is necessary to click "Update combat information ” to transmit the player's latest battle information to the server. During the Pirate fight, if the player's battle information data changes, but the player does not click "Update battle information", the player's battle information data will be in the System. “Pirate fighting” will not change, which may lead to a change in the order of fighting first and fighting later.

*Point accumulation phase:

  1. 3 members each bring 2 teammates to battle to form a combat squad. The captain will pair up opponents to fight, and give orders to which pair of opponents to fight first.
  2. After pairing, you can view opponent information and can also re-pair. Each team has 3 turns to view information and re-pair.
  3. Players can buy the number of times to view information and pair up again.
  4. Each battle will reward Beri and Fame.
  5. There are 25 challenges every day, from 10:00 to 22:00 every day you can challenge.
  6. The winning challenger team can receive 20 points, the losing team can receive 3 points.
  7. After the point accumulation round ends, based on the points accumulation ranking and reward distribution, the Top 16 points earners will advance to the next round.

*Top 16 selected in the points round are divided into 8 groups, each group has 2 teams competing, the distance between each round is 1 day:

  1. Each round is divided into 5 games, the team that wins 3 games will advance to the next round
  2. In each game, each member of the two teams nominates 5 teammates to fight with 5 teammates of the opponent. Regardless of winning or losing, the next round will replace another teammate to fight.
  3. The member with the highest combat power fights first, and the team that beats the opponent twice is the winner.
  4. Each match is 30 minutes apart. Before each match begins, the team's starting order can be adjusted.
  5. All players on the Pirate Fighting Champion's server will receive server-wide gifts.


During the inner round, each round players can only choose 1 squad to support. 10 minutes before each round, they cannot support. If the supported team advances to the next round, the supporting player can receive 2,500 Berries *character level, 150 Fame.

*Emotional improvement:

After each Pirate fighting season ends, players can increase their affection for the champion team, click "See champions"→"Increase affection", spend Beri or gold to receive a reward. Increase your feelings", each fighting season Pirate can only increase their feelings once with the champion. Members of the champion team do not receive emotional boosts.

*Reward: Top 16 Pirate Fighting Rewards


*Pirates fighting round reward:


*Support rewards: 30,000 Berry*Level, 5000 Fame

*Ceremony of racing to the top to compete for dominance across the server:

All players on the Champion's server receive: +200,000 Berry*Level, +10,000 Fame, +200,000 Experience*Level, +5 SSR, +5 Premium Haki random bag, +2 Pirate Flag Chest (random)

*Emotional Enhancement Reward:


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